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BORNAY Good Quality Heat Insulation Warehouse Corrugated Plastic PVC Sheet-L

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Color:   blue/red/black/white ect

Size: Customized

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Long-lasting Color (at least 10 years): The product features ultra durability in natural environment.Even under tough conditions of exposure to UV,high temperature and freezing coldness,it still keeps stable color.Excllent Anti-corrosion performance
Synthetic Resin Tile can resist longterm acid ,alkali and salt corrosion: Tests have proved that there would be no chemical reaction after soaking in salt and alikali and various acid under 60% .It is ideal for application in areas where acid rain is common.
Good Waterproofing Performance: Synthetic Resin Tile selects highly weater-resistant resin,which is dense and absorbing no water,with no pore penetration problem.The product is 45% wider than traditional tiles with less roof contact,so synthetic resin,s waterproof performance has greatly increased than traditional tiles.
Strong Fire Resistance: Belonging flame retardant material,with fire resistance ≥ B1 as tested by national authoritative departments according to GBB8624-2006 standard.
Excellent Heat Insulating Property
The heat conductivity coefficient: 0.325w/m.k,about 1/300 of clay tile ,1/50 of cement tile,and 1/2000 of thick color steel tile.Therefore without condidering ading heat-preserving layer ,the heat insulation and heat preservation of synthetic resin tile can still be optimized.
Good sound insulation: Tests have proved that synthetic resin tiles have excellent noise absorption function when suffered heavy rains and strong winds.

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