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Fiberglass roofing sheet (fiberglass material plastic tile or FRP skylight corrugated roof panel) is a wonderful composite material consisting of fiberglass reinforcement in an unsaturated polyester resin matrix and U / V stabilized outer protective coating in the color of your choice that has an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

Due to these outstanding properties unlike PVC or wood, it finds its application widely in all spheres of life: aerospace, railways, chemical industry, marine industry, food industry, automotive industry, building and construction, etc.

Main Features
Higher transmittance up to 85% and soft daylight
Durability: FRP sheets have a very long service life as they are strong and flexible
Light weight and high impact strength: the relative density is between 1.5 ~ 2.0, only 1/4 ~ 1/5 of carbon steel, but the tensile strength is close to or even higher than that of mild steel. carbon.
Highly Corrosion Resistant – FRP panels are also suitable for use in highly corrosive environments where exposure to chemicals or salt water is a concern, they are UV resistant to sun exposure and can be manufactured with retarders from fire when needed.
Excellent Thermal Insulation: The thermal conductivity of FRP is 1.25 ~ 1.67 kJ / (m · h · K) at room temperature, only 1/100 ~ 1/1000 of metal. Therefore, it is an ideal thermal protection material and resistant to ablation in transient ultra-high temperature conditions.
Flexibility in sizes and thicknesses: FRP sheets are custom made sheets and can be manufactured in various sizes, thicknesses and designs.
Easy to install, maintain and clean.
Custom Color and Design: FRP sheets can be made in any color and various designs.

Our Services
1Answer your questions online 24 hours in the shortest time possible
2Experienced staff to answer all your questions
Custom design
4 We will inform you of the specific dimensions and colors you want.
5 We can produce polycarbonate boards, and we are willing to offer you some suggestions for your information.
Q: How can I get a sample?
A: As for free samples, you just need to pay for their delivery.
Q: What payment terms can you accept?
A: We can accept wire transfers, letters of credit, and Western Union.

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