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1. Answer your questions online 24 hours in the shortest time possible
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Custom Design
1. We will inform you of the specific dimensions and colors you want.
2. We can produce polycarbonate boards, and we are willing to offer you some suggestions for your information.​
Q: How can I get a sample?
A: As for free samples, you just need to pay for their delivery.
Q: What payment terms can you accept?
A: We can accept wire transfers, letters of credit, and Western Union.

(1) Flame-retardant: The national standard GB50222-95 confirms that the PC board is flame-retardant grade one, that is, grade B1. The ignition point of the PC board is 580 degrees Celsius, and it will self-extinguish after leaving the fire. It will not produce toxic gas during combustion and will not promote the spread of the fire.
(2) Flexibility: Cold bending can be used on the construction site according to the design drawing, and it can be installed into an arch, semi-circular roof and window. The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the adopted plate, and hot bending is also possible.
(3) Sound insulation: PC board has obvious sound insulation effect, and it has better sound insulation than glass and acrylic board of the same thickness. Under the same thickness, the sound insulation of PC board is 3-4DB higher than that of glass. Internationally, it is the material of choice for highway noise barriers.
(4) Energy saving: keep cool in summer and keep warm in winter. PC board has a lower thermal conductivity (K value) than ordinary glass and other plastics, and its heat insulation effect is 7%-25% higher than that of the same glass. The heat is up to 49%. Thereby, the heat loss is greatly reduced, and it is used in buildings with heating equipment and is an environmentally friendly material.
(5) Temperature adaptability: PC board will not be cold brittle at -100℃, and will not be softened at 135℃, and its mechanics and mechanical properties will not change significantly in harsh environments.

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